Pays de la Loire

      After an almost eight hour flight and a five hour drive, through the colorful and windy roads in the North side of France, my husband and I arrived to our temporary destination - Saint Prouant.   A small town from Pays de la Loire region, where the stone houses seem to have been there forever surrounded by fields with happy cows slowly ripping green grass. That day seemed magical, not because we were jet lagged, but because we have witnesssed one  of the most beautiful sunsets that has ever been.  The sky was brushed with multiple shades of orange colors casted on the cotton balls shaped clouds.

Somewhere between Saint Prouant and Mouchamps, France.

Somewhere between Saint Prouant and Mouchamps, France.

    The little house we have rented was on a farm away from the main road, and our host Séverine welcomed us with a warm smile followed by Bonjour!  It was so cozy and clean that I really felt like home there.  Every detail and piece of furniture welcomed us as we unpacked our luggages.  After we settled in our temporary little nest, we explored the farm.  In the back of the house, a little garden  with rectangular lots offered eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, and garlic.  

    While we were wondering throughout the garden, we noticed our host, Séverine, coming towards us with a few pieces of baguettes, asking in French, if we want to visit her animals and feed them.  We all headed towards the stall and noticed a tall, shedding mule and a goat running towards us when she noticed us with the delicious baguettes.  The mule and the goat were grabbing the bread fast with their slimy and warm lips, making my husband and I to laugh with joy. 

   After feeding the animals, we headed towards Mouchamps, a small town next to Saint-Prouant for dinner.  The red sky with bulky round clouds was still casting its light upon Mouchamps, when we sat down at the only outdoor table at Creperie du Soleil, a cozy flower decorated little restaurant.   With my broken and forgotten French, managed to order dinner, where crepes, lots of cheese, and of course, a bottle of Bordeaux wine had to be involved. Dinner was incredible!